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February 16, 2008
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Chiyo awoke much later to her mother gently shaking her.

"Yesmama?" she murmured, rubbing her eyes.

"We're almost at the Turtle House," Chi-Chi said. "You must have been tired. You slept through the whole journey."

Chiyo clambered to her feet and peered out the window. The sky and sea were a brilliant blue, and they stretched out as far as the eye could see. There was a tiny dot in the centre of the expanse of water.

"Is that it?" she asked.

"Yes." Chi-Chi looked over her daughter's dark head. "I used to bring you here when you were just a baby."

"We're coming up to the Turtle House now," Yamcha called.

Chiyo turned away from the window and glanced around. "Where's Gohan and Trunks?"

"We'll explain later," Kuririn said grimly.

"Someone fly ahead and let Kamesen'nin know we're coming," Yamcha said.

Chiyo raised her hand. "I'll do it." The atmosphere in the plane was tense, and she was beginning to feel restless.

Yamcha opened the plane's door and Chiyo toppled out, laughing at her mother's exasperation. Giggling, she let the wind carry her down, tumbling over and over, before heading for the island.

The island was only big enough for the one building, which had the letters 'KAME HOUSE' written on the side. An old man, a pig and a turtle were outside waiting for her. Chiyo landed on the shore before them and glanced around. The island was very small, but there was a beach of sorts framed by palm trees out the front. The air tasted like salt.

"Who's the kid?" the pig said in a loud whisper.

"Son Goku's girl," said the old man. He studied Chiyo closely, his eyes barely visible behind large sunglasses. "Long time no see."

Chiyo, who was in the middle of bowing, looked confused. "So I have been here before?"

The pig snorted. "Kid, you practically lived here."

"Oh...right. Well, Yamcha sent me to tell you he's bringing the plane around to land."

"Yeah, we'll clear th' way," Kamesen'nin muttered. He turned and began to walk back into the house, leaning heavily on his cane. "Hurry up, pig, unless you want to get squashed. Island's not big enough to stand out here gawkin'."


"And that's what happened."

Yamcha, Kamesen'nin and Oolong sat transfixed as Kuririn fell silent. He had explained everything, from the appearance of Twenty and Nineteen to the discovery of another time machine just like Trunks's in the West 10-50 area.

Chiyo only paid attention to the new information. While she had slept, Bulma had faxed a picture of a battered time machine that looked exactly like Trunks's. He and Gohan had gone to investigate.

"So that's th' whole story, huh?" Kamesen'nin said. He'd taken off his sunglasses, and his sharp eyes fixed on Kuririn as he talked.

Kuririn nodded. "Let's just hope that Goku gets better before the Androids get here."

"All we can do now is hope."

Oolong drained his glass of juice and belched loudly. "Hey, if the Androids come to Goku's house an' don't find him, don't it make sense that this is the first place

they'll come?"

Yamcha shrugged. "Yeah, that seems logical."

"Then what the hell're we waitin' around for?" Oolong exclaimed frantically, leaping to his feet. "We should get outta here before we die!"

"There's one thing you're forgettin'," Kamesen'nin said, thumping his fist on the table. "I'm still here! Right Kuririn?"

"Hurray for our side," Oolong said sarcastically.

"Hey, pig!" Kamesen'nin wheezed, pushing his face close to Oolong's. "I'm Muten Roshi, th' supreme master of all martial arts. I was once th' strongest fighter'n th' world!"

"Really?" Chiyo asked, her eyes bright with interest.

Kamesen'nin opened his mouth to reply, but Oolong cut him off.

"Don't tell the kid lies!" he said. "That was a long time ago, and now you're justa washed up old man who couldn' fight 'is way outta paper bag - and you know it!"

Chiyo shot a puzzled glance at Kuririn, who shrugged.

"Ah, shut up," he said as Oolong and Kamesen'nin began to argue. "We've got more important things to worry 'bout. Like where Gohan and Trunks are. I hope they're okay."

"Ah, the boys'll be fine," Kamesen'nin said indifferently. "They can take care of themselves."

Chiyo hopped off her chair and slipped upstairs. Her mother was kneeling beside the makeshift futon in which Goku was lying. She looked worried.

"How's Papa?" Chiyo asked, dropping down beside her.

"Sleeping," Chi-Chi answered. "He's not completely well yet, but he's getting there." She glanced at her. "Give me those clothes before I forget, Chiyo. I'll mend them for you."

Chiyo stripped off her torn shirt and pants and gave them to her mother. She untied her rucksack and pulled out a battered pair of blue pants.

"I need to train, Mom," Chiyo explained, noticing her mother's disapproving look. "If the Androids come here I need to be prepared."

"You should be studying," Chi-Chi said tersely. "With all this going on, you could fall behind by months. Then where would you be?"

"Papa's life's worth more than some dumb homework!" Chiyo said heatedly. "We're gonna need everyone ready if the Androids are coming. Or do you want Papa to die?"

Chi-Chi stared at her daughter for a moment, blinking.

"How could you say such a thing?" she cried. "Where did you learn how to speak to your mother like that? I certainly didn't teach you!"

Chiyo dropped the shoe and clambered into her mother's lap, feeling guilty.

"I'm sorry, Mom," she said, burying her face in Chi-Chi's neck. "Don't cry. I didn't mean to upset you. But I gotta be ready to help everyone with the Androids. You didn't see them...they were so strong, and they hurt everyone so easily. What would they do to Papa? He's sick and he needs me. You understand, right?"

Chi-Chi pulled back and studied her daughter's young face for a moment. She sighed.

"If you're going to train, you'd better get started." As Chiyo leapt up, Chi-Chi seized her hand. "But I want you to work extra hard and make me proud, you understand?"

"Thank you! Love you!"

Chiyo ran down the stairs two at a time. Kamesen'nin, Yamcha, Oolong and Kuririn were watching TV.

"Where're you goin'?" Yamcha asked, glancing at her.

"Outside to train."

"Count me in," the fighter said, leaping over the low couch. "These three are watchin' some movie. Borin' stuff."

"It's a romance," Oolong snapped. "Which you would knew 'bout if you hadda shred of class!"

The air was cool outside despite the bright sunshine, and Chiyo looked longingly at the ocean.

First work, then play, she told herself, and tested the ground with her shoes. Sandy and slippery, not at all like where she was used to train. After a moment's thought, she took off her shoes and put them aside.

"Good idea," Yamcha said. He'd taken his own shoes off and was stretching. "Does your mom know you're training?"

"Yep." Chiyo began to stretch. "I think she wants me to study, but homework's not gonna help me if the Androids find Papa here."

"Yeah, I hear you." Yamcha straightened, raising an eyebrow as she assumed an opening stance. "Guess it's pretty obvious who trained you, huh?"
Chapter 21 - A New Development

Updated December 26, 2012 - re-written

Chapter 20 - Evacuate
Chapter 22 - An Enemy Never Known Before

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Seriously amazing work on this chapter! I love them!
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Well, I'm glad you like it. Thanks a lot!
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